Have you lost contact with your customer? Swift Asset Services can put you back in touch and assist you in agreeing a sustainable, ongoing repayment arrangement. We ensure all processes are designed and documented to take account of our clients' requirements. We ensure this is balanced with the circumstances and privacy of the debtor. 

We aim to ethically provide client/customer re-connection through facilitating an appropriate channel of communication to the customer ensuring enforcement is the very last resort.

Opening up the lines of communication in these circumstances is a skill we insist upon within our team of field agents. We pride ourselves on many years of positive outcome scenarios.

Swift Asset Services provides a regular flow of information with fully audited details of visits, sitings, phone calls and face to face contact. This extra layer of information aids your customer service department in reaching a mutually acceptable arrangement. In most cases, this is as simple as getting through by phone to a decision maker whilst present with your customer. Often, that face to face contact is the turning point in the situation. This level of support can be particularly valuable, especially in cases where customers have been previously difficult to engage with.

Our expertise in dealing with resistant customers is our strength. We take the opportunity to remind them that the easier route to settlement is through negotiation.  We help to highlight the positives of the situation. In our experience, there is no stronger approach in customer/client re-connection and whilst we cannot negotiate directly for clients, we are active in the facilitation of that process through the very nature of our contact with them.
Please contact us to talk about the possibility of trialing our services over a month's period, giving you an opportunity to assess the suitability of our provision to fit with your current client re-connection process. We will agree a fixed price service which will allow you to easily measure both effectiveness in customer engagement and ensure repossession is the last resort.
reconnecting customers





reconnecting customers